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Helping Midcoast Mainers become energy efficient and get off fossil fuels.

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Energy Coop Meeting
April 22nd 7:00pm
Winslow Myers, 16 Britol Pines Road, Bristol

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Possible solar farm location
Possible Solar Farm Location.
photo credit: Topher Belknap

The Midcoast Green Energy Cooperative (the Co-op) is an informal association of Midcoast Maine residents, formed for the purpose of helping its members reduce their winter heating costs by improving the energy efficiency of their homes and converting to renewable energy use.

Longer term, members of the Co-op intend to gradually eliminate their dependence on fossil fuels. Member households commit to improve their dwellings, as rapidly as their financial situation permits, track their energy savings, and reinvest them in further energy improvements. The key is discipline on the part of members and support on the part of the Co-op. The Co-op makes it possible for member households to stay within their current heating budget, and gradually reduce heating costs, regardless of fuel price inflation.

It does this principally through community support, education, professional advice, independent, professional energy audits and assistance with implementing the audit’s recommendations. In addition the Co-op seeks out opportunities not economically available on an individual basis. One example is the development of solar photovoltaic farms which, through shared ownership, offers to households without good solar access the same advantages households with good solar access enjoy.